Penultimate Words

“And then we made out all night. Not to brag, but I am pretty much a rockstar in that area,” I tell Evan and James, who both shove me so I nearly fall over into a grungy doorway. It’s after 2 am and Main Street stretches out before us, a deserted, wind-whipped canyon, yellow-tinged in the streetlights.

“If you just made out all night, I guess you didn’t seal the deal? Loser,” James snorts, and I hit him in the arm. We trade insults and shoves for a few minutes while scraps of trash blow down the sidewalk and tangle against our feet.

I realize Evan isn’t with us anymore. I turn and he’s standing in front of a darkened shop window, staring up at the sky. “What’s your problem?”

“Why…” He jerks one shoulder, like he’s trying to gesture but can’t remember how to work his arm. “Why are there two moons?”

I whirl around and crane my neck. Two moons. Both round and white as staring eyes.

Someone’s standing behind me, so close I can feel their breath on my neck. It’s not Evan.

All the streetlights go out.

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