Beautiful Terrors

Jalek shook me awake. Softly, dreamily, silently – they were coming across the field.

They really are quite beautiful in the moonlight. Pale and slender, moving with ease and a grace unlike anything else in the world.

He half-smiled and gave me a hug. It was fierce, but far too short.

They were humming – a soothing river of tones and harmonies. We watched silently as they drifted by, passing several hundred meters out from where we were.

I felt the breeze pick up, playing through my hair. I dropped low, pulling Jalek down beside me, holding our breath.

But our scent was on the wind.

They reacted almost as one. The humming turned to a piercing shriek. Their course altered, they now glided towards us.

My eyes filled with tears. There had to be at least a hundred out there. I didn’t want to go out this way.

He kissed me once, then chambered a round – bringing the rifle up to his shoulder. I checked the clip in mine. Still full.

Once they came in range we opened fire.

I hate zombies.

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