Running through the Woods

My heart was pumping, my mind racing. I couldn’t feel my legs, but if I stopped running it was over. I can’t remember exactly how I was thrown into this situation but I do know one thing; if I get out of this alive I am never going camping in Mystic Woods again.
It was pitch-black and the only light I had was the full moon, but even that wasn’t helping my situation. I couldn’t see 10 feet in front of me and there is something out of a monster story chasing me. I kept running, then a light caught my eye. It was bright and shimmering, kinda like a lake reflecting the moonlight. I sprinted toward the light hoping I would find something to help me. As the light drew nearer, I realized something; it was a lake, but at the bottom of a fairly high cliff. I tried to skid to a stop, but fell over a branch and into a bush. Coming out of my shock, I stood up in time to realize my pursurer was right on my tail. I had just enough time to turn around when..
“Dude you should have seen your face!”
“Are you kidding me?!?”

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