The Tunnels Pt.2

Amy stood up from the ground and swept away the dirt from her knees; she looked around her surroundings thinking about what would happen to them if no one were to come and save them. “I don’t know; I hope someone does come.” Amy replied before leaving towards the young couple.

“What’s for dinner?” The young woman asked – “The usual, how’s your husband doing?” – “The fever went down a little but he still shakes at night.” – “Want me to get you another blanket for him?” – “No Amy that’s okay; just some food would be nice for now.”

Amy handed the woman a water bottle filled with the food substance.

Amy walked back towards a white truck that had a cartoon character on the side of it. She opened the side door and placed the remaining food on the seat. Amy looked around seeing the elder male laying on his side, the young couple bracing one another, and the male who ventured outside.

Tears started to flow past Amy’s cheeks. She started to fear that no one would come and save them.

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