Memories from Once Upon a Time

I closed my eyes and breathed him in. I leaned my back against his chest and felt him tighten his arms around me. I felt so safe in his strong embrace I could stay here forever… I thought And I would too… if—

“Sophie?” He called. His voice sharply invading into my head.

“Mmm?” Was my response as I tried desperatly not to let the calm of my memory slip away to the heartbreaking reality of my life.

“We need to go.”

I opened my eyes to see the man I had once loved. Care and concern once carrassed every inch of his sweet, strong face.

I sighed inwardly and tried to stand. I bit my lip and held my face stone to try and hide my struggle. He let out a frustrated groan. Aftering having been with me for so long, he could tell I was having a hard time. Tears pricked my eyes as I sang back to the floor and saw him just standing there. Finally, after another groan of annoance, he walked over and lifted me to my feet, keeping his hand around me until I was steady and supporting myself.

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