What am I to you?

His hands were shaking.

“Talk to me – don’t keep it inside. What are you thinking?”

She turned away, tilted her head up to the pale moon.

“I don’t want this to end…”

He let his arms fall and took a step forward.

“Neither do I! I told you it doesn’t have to-”

She shook her head, looked back at him. With one hand, she made a wide sweeping gesture.

“No, not that. I don’t want to give up what we have – what we had all day. I don’t want to risk our friendship like… that.”

His eyes dropped. The pain and confusion was evident in them. Running a hand through his hair, watching her, still shivering.

“Why are we friends? What is it, for you, that brought us this close, but keeps you over there, and me here? I have to know. What am I to you?”

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