He seemed to mull the words inside his brain, chewing on them slowly. Suddenly his eyes lit up, his tiny hands bunching themselves in excitement, his back arching “I know where she is now!”

“Yes, Heaven” she replied stoically, the stock response fed to her innumerable times in the months since.

“No – better” his eyes once more looked towards the skies. “She’s in space. She made it.”

Crawling next to her brother, the girl embraced him momentarily in a gentle hug of solidarity. An idea flashing across her face, she abruptly stood up, raced towards the kitchen, and returned with two pens and a piece of paper.

“What are we doing?” the boy inquired, interest burning from his hazel eyes.

“We’re going to send her a message”

Two balloons launched into the air. This time, the boy was certain of their destination

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