Unstable Truces in Unstable Times

Two men stood at the prow of the ship, different, yet they shared the same shadow of violence and the same air of authority. Their eyes roamed the waves of the sea, like lords overlooking their birthrights. They were looking for proof my claims, claims of horrid gods that stirred in their slumber and of monstrous servants that worshipped them.

The crewmen had stayed hidden, though all had allegiance to one captain or the other. They knew something I didn’t- that two captains on a ship was like having two roosters in a pen.

The captains suffered each other’s presence for my sake.

Ahead, a grey mist coloured the air between sea and sky and I knew our destination lay inside it.

Nemo led Hook back to my side.

“The ocean teems with strangeness, as you said.” Nemo crossed his arms.

Hook gestured with his namesake towards the mist. “Then we will follow the wind in.”

“Mobilis in mobili.” Nemo muttered.

“How did you know about this Howard?” Hook asked me, his cadaverous face a mask.

“I dreamt it.” I said.

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