“It’s not a lack of imagination. No, on the contrary, it’s more like a lack of reality. I suppose I have too much imagination. So much, in fact that sometimes I find myself lost within my imagination. Sometimes I think I become trapped in my daydreams; engulfed in my ultimate fantasy. I don’t mind living in a dream. Actually, I rather enjoy living in the world that I’ve created inside my head. I drift through reality, a mindless, thoughtless, emotionless drone. Because of this they say I have no imagination. Ha! While in my dreams I am alive, full of energy, I’m not starved of creativity and I am most certain not lackadaisical. Every so often, I find that the two worlds collide and I find myself nearly enjoying reality. But then, the irony of the real world begins to take over. People die; businesses fail and my real life seems to take a terrible plunge into darkness. I am forced to retreat into my own. I am forced to become consumed, once again, by the bubble of my alternate reality."

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