Hyde. Seek.

The blade slid back into the walkingstick sheath, dropping only a few crimson blots on the London cobblestones. The man called “Jack” ran giggling into the dark, one gloved hand bringing a bloody portion of her heart to his mouth. “Run far, but not too far Jack” he whispered to himself. “Did anyone hear the screams? Mustn’t run if anyone heard…”

He stopped with his back against a wall. The deed had been done in the harlots own bed. She might not be discovered until the morrow. He caught his breath, stood up straight in the London silence, and was about to continue walking when he heard “Hello Doc.”

He looked up with a start. A small dark shape was somehow crawling head first down the wall towards him! It reached the ground and stood up.

“Who are you?” gasped Jack.

“I am Edward,” he said. “I’m a doctor too. Sort of.”

“I been watchin’ you. With the girls.” He sniffed Jacks bloody hand. “I likes ’em, you see.” He grinned. “I don’t like you.”

The murders stopped. And they never did find Jacks body.

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