To Show You My Heart

The non-understanding was killing me. Again.

“I don’t get it – what the hell are you thinking?

I hate doing it, but I couldn’t let this happen.

“Alright… let me show you…”

Closing my eyes, trying to hide the tears that only just never spill over, I opened my mind. I could hear him gasp as I slipped tendrils of thought into his consciousness. I started to show him the music in my heart, the worlds in my head.

Images, sounds, pure feelings – the things I could never tame with words. I had to make him understand, even if he ended up not accepting, me.

It hurt – more than anything else. Tore hard, ripped deep, exposed my soul. Scarred, naked, trembling.

Pulling back finally, I opened my eyes, sat up. He was kneeling close by, holding his head – shaking. I held out a hand. Not quite an apology.

He looked up, eyes red.

“Okay… I think- I know… I get it now.”

He reached out – touched my hand. Not quite forgiving.

But finally understanding.

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