The Meeting

The girls looked frightened with each step we took for home. I don’t blame them with the creatures that attacked us. Suddenly I hear a small gasp, turning quickly on my heels ready to fight when I see the boy step from under the bridge angry like a shadow.

His dark brown eyes seemed to turn darker, if that’s even possible. His short black hair somewhat in the way of his eyes. He looked so cute but dangerous at the same time. I turned to the clones that were holding each other, nodding it was ok. They relaxed a little but not completely, could you blame them?

“Finally you show up.” It sounded harsher then I meant, he ignored it.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get here in time, I promise next time I will be here for you and the twins to stop them.” His voice was menacing and sounded threateningly scary.

I cocked my head to the side watching him a little bit before turning around. “Well whatever you want has to wait.” I turned to walk he had my hand before I could realize it, shaking his head no.

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