Liver Shot

Right hand coming in.

Move left glove to intercept and divert. Return glove to guard position.

His hands back at guard position. Gap between us closed. Too close for clean shot. Separate his hands.

Begin moving right foot back six inches. Lean upper body slightly to left, dipping left shoulder. Drop left glove two inches. Begin left uppercut, targeting chin: expect block. Plant right foot. Complete uppercut, drawing right shoulder back.

Blocked, but his hands separated slightly. Block his vision. Deliver straight right.

Begin weight transfer to right leg. Begin right hand moving toward opponent’s chin: expect block. Complete weight transfer. Begin moving left foot forward six inches. Lean upper body to left, dropping left hand back to guard position. Turn over wrist on right hand. Plant left foot. Complete straight right.

Blocked. His right arm has raised, exposing liver.

Right hand to guard position. Drop left hand. Pivot on ball of left foot. Begin hip rotation. Begin left hook.

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