Cellophane pt. 1.3

“I thought they were sending more,” one of them said as Vereen stepped up. He looked back to the reporters to make sure they were out of hearing distance, then back to the one who spoke.
“Mr. Mayor, in his infinite wisdom, has demanded the department focus almost exclusively on drug busting. There’s not enough manpower.”
“Oh well, it’s just murder. No need to make a fuss.” he said sarcastically, then motioned toward the crowd of reporters. “They were fine before, but I’m none too sure what’ll happen now you’re here.”
“Then get on the phone and call for some crowd control. Mention reporters and I’m certain you’ll get some response.” The officer laughed gruffly, while the younger man stepped off to the police cruiser nearby. “Meanwhile how about catching me up on what’s happened here?”

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