More Than Nothing (part 2)

Although this feeling stung, sending jolts through my body, the elation made me feel… alive. Like something extrodinary has just been discovered. The void around me felt so distant, I felt like I could escape. What has trapped me my whole life does have an end. I know that now. I can feel it now.

Here it is, this door in front of me, I can feel it pressed up against me. There must be a way by. I pushed against its hard surface, the feeling of my fingers changed from a twinge to a horrible pain. The fingers I have just begun to know once again ceased to exist.

It was as if they had disappeared. First the pain was climbing from the tips, a nibbling climbing up through my fingers painfully eating them away.

Then they were gone.

I reached to brush my finger tips along the face of the door but I felt nothing. Neither the injection of cold or the twinge of a texture was meeting my finger tips. I pushed my hand forward but I could not.

Was it possible that even though I could not feel it, it was still there?

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