Kyle (part one of two, part of my nano series)

Kyle had been approached before. The men in black suits had come to his school, run tests on his peers, all in an attempt to find people like him. He didn’t trust the government.

He was raised by his grandfather who had fought in Vietnam. His grandfather taught him that the government was full of self-serving idiots who didn’t care one lick about the welfare of the people and who sacrifice their own children for power and prestige.

His grandfather had protected him from the suits when he was 16, when they had first found him. They kept coming to the house. Grandfather shuttered the windows, unplugged the phone, and barricaded the door.

Grandfather stopped sleeping at night and forbade him to leave the house. The sleep deprivation caused Grandfather to have flashbacks. He would lie on his belly and scream nonsense, or duck behind the kitchen island with the broom cocked. Kyle would bring his grandfather his dinner wherever he crouched. He was often torn between hiding in his room and caring for him.

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