Reality 2

“My alternate reality is perfect. Perfectly happy, perfectly calm, and perfectly perfect. My father is alive. My mother isn’t in the hospital. I don’t live with my drunken uncle and my suicidal aunt. My cousins don’t throw food items at me and yell out, “Mackie is a carrot head!” I am perfectly normal. I am beautiful. With normal, black hair. With perfectly proportioned eyes, green and lively; not “creepy” in any way. I have more than one friend, and they are all completely the same as me. But somehow there is a sense of diversity. Irony. Hah. Irony. Irony of the world. Like the way my father died in the fire at the fire house. The way he caused it from his dirty cigarettes. The way he caused my mother’s lung cancer from his dirty cigarettes. The way I loved him no matter what he did. The irony that my even paler cousins, with dark red hair, call me “carrot head.” My hair isn’t orange! It’s strawberry blonde. What ever.”

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