I couldn’t be sure whether the rock in my stomach was hunger or my worry once again grabbing hold of me. I wandered in circles under my tree, before long my footsteps wore a rut into the snow.

Eventhough I slept through the night my body was weary with exhaustion, my muscles ached and my soul felt cold, my blood felt cold as it sluggishly pumped through my veins. In the height of day the forest again seemed to sink into silence until a murmur would erupt from my core.

It felt like something was bubbling up into my throat and it burned. I had to get something to eat.

“Staying here is my best chance to be found,” I said aloud “but whats the point of being found if I starve to death before then?” as I was saying this I could feel the wind pick up whipping the snow at my face I turned my back to it and hugged myself tight but it still stung, “And maybe I could find somewhere to get out of this wind.”

Relying on nothing more than enie-menie-miny-mo to choose my path I walked again into the depths of the woods.

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