Better Get Goin'

“No, no, NO, Hannah you never said we were doing this! You promised me you wouldn’t be doing that again!” This must have been the third time she showed up at my door. Her t-shirt torn in three spots, (Most likely from some barbed wire somewhere.) She was covered in grease, smeared with blood too.

“So who’s chasing you this…” she was around the corner before I heard her yell back,

“If you don’t get going you’re going to find out. And they don’t know that you’re ignorant!”

For her to ditch me here like that they must be close. My heart was going faster than it should but if they see me here this isn’t going to end well.

“Mom! I’ll be back.” I didn’t wait for a reply whether she said okay or not I had to get moving.

I started sprinting around the corner that Hannah ran behind. Usually she’s the faster of us but she must have hurt her ankle because before we reached three streets over I was caught up and past her.

As I darted by I could hear her shout to duck behind the dumpster in the alley on the right.

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