Mother of Corruption

A great crack appeared in the ceiling as it buckled under enormous weight.

My partner disappeared under the falling debris that heralded the horror that landed in a heap of sweltering flesh.

The creature had once been a woman but now she was a monster. Her legs vanished under the Cyclopean pyramid of her torso and her arms were so small that they appeared as vestigial flippers. She opened her hippo-like mouth and stared at me with eyes that knew nothing but madness. And it was catching. I could feel my mind collapsing under the sight before me. It was not right. Nothing would ever be right again.

Bileletha! Bileletha!” She called.

None of this explained any of the changes inflicted upon the neighbors over the last few weeks, nor the deformed bodies that had been found on the banks of the Concord, but this couldn’t be allowed to go on. It had to end here.

I fired all six shots of my revolver into the middle mass.

She died, but that was only the beginning; the first chapter of the cult of Bileletha.

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