Phone Messages

When I got back inside, I saw that there were several messages on my phone. Jean-Martin called back first, asking if I’d had the same east-west frustration that he’d encountered. The next call was my brother, asking if I wanted to go to a rock concert with him. The following one was him butt-dialing me. The one after that was Withers, informing me that he had detected the source from above. The next message was my brother again, apologizing for the butt-dial and wondering if his milk was safe to drink beyond the expiration date. The last message was Nancy, asking something about the station with the ENIGMA code M10, her question obliterated by static.

I called Jean-Martin and told him to look up. He did and was quite astounded. He informed me that he would continue in our chat room and hung up. Withers called me almost immediately after the hang-up, and I informed him that my discovery concurred with his. I also suggested that he enter the chat room. He replied that he would after work.

Then I dialed Nancy.

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