Hard to Read, Easy to Read

There was too much noise to think straight. Music hung high in the air over countless converations and merged to create dissonance that could not be ignored.

Jordan tried to concentrate anyway, but after reading the same sentence four times, gave up in disgust.

Her stomach growled.

Most places were closed by now. She hoped that she would be able to just sleep through her discomfort when she got back to her dorm.

Irritated, she shoved the chaos of her study aids into her backpack and slung it over her shoulder.

As she pushed open the door to leave a boy she’d never seen before reached out and tugged on her shirt.

“You coming to the party tonight? It’s gonna be wild.” He said. He had a soft voice but somehow Jordan could hear him clearly.

“No, I got a midterm tomorrow.” She said without thinking.

Her stomach growled again. Loudly.

“There’ll be food.” he said.

“I’ll be fine. Thanks.” Jordan said.

“Your call.” His eyes mocked her.

Shaking her head, she shrugged him off and exited into darkness.

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