Accepting Hunger's Call

Jordan stalked the streets, passing a number of flyers advertising tonight’s party. More of them littered the streets and yards in squares of yellow and red construction paper; man-made autumn leaves.

Her mind flitted back to her encounter at the coffee shop. Who did that guy think he was? He didn’t introduce himself or anything. He just grabbed her. Like he knew her. Who does that?

Her stomach rumbled again and she almost doubled over from the intense hunger pangs.

She had nothing to eat in her dorm, except for half of a warm bud light and pizza crust from two weeks ago. It had been inedible then which is why the crusts were left in the first place. She shuddered at what they would be like now.

Okay, she reasoned, she would go the party, but ONLY to get some food. Ten minutes tops. Grab some nachos or a hot dog and then be back safe in her bed in no more than half an hour.

Satisfied with her decision, the young college girl changed direction and headed toward frat house.

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