Sorry, I Have a Heart.

Dearest Lily,

I’m writing this to you to express my greatest regrets. Obviously, I’ve been taking advantage of our friendship. I was under the impression that friendship meant someone to confide in, someone to share secrets and the turmoils of high school. I’m sorry that I’ve tried to talk to you about problems going on in my life that I need help with. Even more, I’m sorry that you’ve had to listen to me. I’m sorry you ever met me and became friends with me. I know it’s been difficult all these years, putting up with me driving you to the movies and us spending weekends at my house eating junk and watching the most ridiculous horror movies imaginable and laughing until we cried. It must have been pure torture that summer that we traveled to the Warren Dunes together. When I think of the agony that you must have gone through when my parents took us to watch fireworks on the fourth of July and bought us all those glow things, it makes me weep.

I’m sorry that I have emotions and a heart.



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