High school is like the ocean. There are so many different life forms that you lose track of some. I’m that fish that no one can or wants to find. My existance in my school is only known through a student identification number and, believe it or not, that’s the way I like it. Do you know why? Because I hate everything.

My name is Eloise Warner. I live in a two story house with more brothers and sisters than I have fingers. Edna, my mother, and Jacob, my step-father, decided to get married and combine our two rather gregorious families into one. School, I decided, could be a good thing. Wrong.

Everything about this school makes me cringe. The fakeness, the fact that nearly every girl reminds me of the orange in my lunch: all if it. My art teacher is on drugs, my principal is sleeping with the vice principal, and did I mention that my step-sister is in some relationship with her biology teacher? How annoying do you think it is when your teacher slips you a love note to your sister?

I hate everyone.

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