The wind howled across the frozen tundra. David turned over in his sleeping bag. He was a fool and he might just die for it. He glanced over at the fire. It was getting low but he didn’t dare add more wood, not yet.

He looked back over the last few hours. He had been driving north in his new Jeep, on his way to a summer job in Alaska. He would make a lot of money over 5 months. David also wanted to see some of the sights and do some camping. That was why he had the sleeping bag. He also had a tent in the Jeep, but the late April ground had been too hard to erect it. The road was not well traveled and there were few service stations along the way. The Jeep had jerked to a halt just a few meters away from where he now lay, slowly freezing to death. If only he had brought the extra gas can, but the Jeep was already full. He had gathered what wood he could find, but there wasn’t much to be found in the barren landscape.

The fire flickered weakly. Should he put more wood on it? He reached out and fed the fire.

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