Kyle Captured

Kyle had been taking alleyways hoping to avoid detection. He had no idea two girls were spying on him from a tree house. He did know the tree house, and in fact, it was his intended destination. He was on his way to scout out how to approach the tree in the yard, when he was grabbed by suits.

Try as he might to struggle, they held him fast by his biceps and tasered him. He was dragged into a house. They threw him into a chair and bound his hands behind him before he regained the use of his arms.

As his breathing slowed and the shock and pain subsided, his mind cleared. He began to look for item to cut his bindings or ways to escape.

“That’s not necessary,” a voice crooned, as if reading his mind. “You will stay and have a little chat.”

A tall man in a dark turtleneck and dark slacks stood between the window and Kyle. The setting sun glowed behind him, making him appear more foreboding. Kyle gasped and stared at the man.

“What do you want?” Kyle bravely intoned.

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