Kyle Meets Jasper

“Let me first introduce myself. I am Jasper. I am in charge of a special group of interesting people, much like yourself.”

“You work for the government?”

“Yes and no. We work for the world. It’s an action packed job, full of adventure. You have shown yourself highly capable of surviving in the face of adversity. You’d make an excellent addition to the team.”

“I’m not going to work for the government! They lie!”

“Of course they lie! All parents lie to protect their children from the awful truth. This world is a very ugly place. Lies protect people from the burden of the facts, the real situation. We know the truth, my band of heroes, we fight against the evils every day. Evils you’ve only dreamed about. We keep the whole world safe.”

“My grandfather said never to trust the government.”

“I agree, don’t trust the government. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right? Well if you join us, you will be very close to the government, very influential, and you’ll know everything; all the truths.”

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