Kyle Witnesses a Kidnapping

“Grandfather told me the truth. The government is only concerned with itself. Why should I help it, or any other government for that matter? What good are they?”

Jasper flew into a rage. He had been trying to influence the boy, but his powers of persuasion were not working. He toppled the table over and threw a vase with fresh flowers at the fireplace.

“Wait.” He calmed himself. “You’re a shield!”

Just then two police cars pulled up, siren and lights at full alert. Kyle thought he was saved, but the suits simply walked out onto the porch and flashed their badges. He heard some arguing outside, two girls gave a high pitched argument, then the cops drove away.

This action drew Jasper to the window. Kyle was glad, because his cold eyes were no longer on him. He struggled against his bonds.

“She’s an aurist! Grab them!” Jasper yelled. The suited men pulled the girls inside.

“So much talent, right here!” Jasper seemed to savor the moment, looking from the boy in the chair to the girls cowering on the couch.

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