Dust in the Wind

His figure seemed to fade in and out with the light. As if he was made of smoke. Whenever a breeze would push through the dense, sticky air wisps of his being would drift away, fading into the same colorless hue as everything else. Dust in the wind.

I followed this boy. No one on the street seemed to notice him, or me for that matter. Walking along at what I felt was a safe distance behind he seemed just as oblivious as the rest. Still he knew I was following, where ever he walked a wake of confidence and assurance was left behind hanging in the air, calming my fears to turn back.

I followed him to the out skirts of town not far from where I had been the night before where the eroded sandstone cliffs encasing this town have crumbled into caverns. As he walked inside he disappeared but was replaced by the explosion of color reaching out to me in a way more commanding than the boy had been. I heard somewhere say

“You know don’t you?”

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