A Leave for Change

Could it be that there is a way out? A place beyond the blandness behind me?

The thought forced doubts into my head. I turned around, the entrance of the tunnel was just as close as it was before. The heat rising from the ground outside was bending the familiar landscape into what could have been mistaken for a martian land. From in here the place I already knew felt so much more intriguing. Perhaps I shouldn’t go.

Here it is where everyone fell into their place without a second thought. Sameness throughout each… unindividual.

“They do need to change,” A voice kept saying at the back of my head.

“People don’t change,” I’d reply.

“Then how do you explain yourself?”

“I’m just different.”

“But why?” I never answered, it was a tough question. Where was the root of my difference? What grasped me to pull me away and open my eyes.

The light at the end of the tunnel had faded but I looked to it anyways. Within the light was a shadow, the silhouette of that boy.

“It was you wasn’t it?” I called out to him.

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