The Next Morning

I woke up and it was still morning so I groaned. My head was throbbing as I lit
a ‘boro and walked into the bathroom. I kicked my roommate Dave in the foot
as I walked back into the bedroom.

‘Hey jerk, wake up.’

He didn’t even move as I pulled on my pants and sniffed a shirt. It was good
enough for a Sunday morning and no classes, so I put it on.

‘Hey, you want to go get something to eat?’

‘Go the fuck away,’ he grumbled from under his pillow.

‘Hey, I’m buying, so move your lazy ass,’ I said, lighting another ‘boro. He
glared at me as he sat up and I just stood there looking at him.

‘Okay, let me piss and get dressed,’ he said heading toward the bathroom. He
came out sniffing his Hawaiian shirt. I just waited, smoking and hung over.

‘You ready?’ I asked.

‘Bum me a ‘boro and let’s go,’ he replied heading toward the door.

I slipped on my shades as we headed out the door and stopped. Dave’s Pinto
was sitting on blocks, stripped, right at the curb where we left it last

‘Oh shit,’ groaned Dave.

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