Two Love Letters (never sent)

(From Her)

Tomorrow is your birthday…
and I don’t know if I should email you, to remind you that I still remember.
I don’t know if you would want me to. You let my last birthday pass silently.
Christmas too. Have you forgotten me that quickly?

Last year on your birthday, we spent the night in bed together.
Platonic friends. Remember?

I haven’t seen you for seven months. I wish I could be in your bed again tonight.
I’ll admit I never slept because of your snoring, but if I had it my way, I’d never sleep again.

God I miss you.

Happy birthday.


(From Him)


Were your ears burning earlier? Cause some mutual friends and I were talking about you tonight in the bar. It’s been so many months since we spoke, I just wanted to drop you a line. See if you’re happier now.

If anyone asks I’ll deny it, but I still miss you.

I miss our trips together. I don’t know anyone else who can fearlessly throw herself at a random destination and still be sure of a laugh.

I would have gone anywhere with you.

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