‘Hey babe.’

‘Hey Tommy you made it.’

Tommy slid into a seat across from Steffi, pushing a tray of burgers and
fries between them and smiled. Grabbing a straw he jabbed it into the coke.

‘Hey I wouldn’t leave my best girl alone at lunch,’ he smiled.

‘I better be your only girl.’

‘Oh your number five this week babe,’ he smiled again.

‘Tommy, I am going to hurt you.’

‘So what we doing this afternoon,’ asked Tommy, peeking over his coke and
bouncing an eyebrow.

‘We are going to study before we go to math class.’

‘Study? I was thinking I needed another course in anatomy.’

‘Tommy, you got to get serious about college,’ she replied.

‘I am serious.’

A thundering crash echoed through the cafeteria making Steffi jump, ‘What
was that?’ she asked.

Tommy walked over to the big glass windows looking out onto the courtyard
and paled. Turning around he grabbed Steffi and pushed her toward their
table. ‘You don’t want to see it.’

‘See what?’ she asked looking worried at the crowd gathering.

‘Jumper,’ he said.

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