The answer to all

“Course it was” was his answer

I couldn’t help but notice how his voice didn’t seem to have an echo, although mine did, no matter what sort of noise I made there was always an echo in here. Pushing this out of my head, I began to make my way slowly towards the boy again. My hands lightly brushing the cave walls, to guide me.

“What can we do to bring change to these people?” I ask him, as I got closer.

He didn’t give me an answer to this one. He wore a poker face. Man did I hate poker!

Instead, he jerked his head to the side, as a silent gesture for me to follow him. So I did. Though I was reluctant.

The bright light didn’t reignite. But as I finally reached the small opening, my jaw fell open in awe. I stepped out of the caves and looked around me, not believing what I was seeing.

“What is this place?” I croaked, my mind was jammed with a million other questions, but I couldn’t seem to voice them.

“This is the answer to all. This is the place that will change all.” he replied simply.

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