Drifting Away

The place was filled with more colors than I have ever seen! Including those that encompassed me in the cave. My eyes didn’t know where to look they were darting around wildly from what seemed to be trees to something that was a color like a very deep sand but brighter. I was amazed by the scene but I was shocked when the boy shoved me back in the cave and I found myself starting at a blank sandstone wall.

My mouth hung open as my mind scrambled for something to say but he had begun to speak before I could coordinate my mouth enough to close.

“They do need to change. But they can’t see what you just saw. Not without seeing on their own first. Right now that’s only you. They are so content with their lives right now they do not see they are fading away. Every bit of them drifting onto the breeze, dust in the wind.”

His voice seemed to tremble at the thought. I recalled his figure as he walked through the streets not long ago. But only one thought was at the front of my mind.

“How can we make them see?”

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