Saving the zombies!

“We have to bring them here.” He answered me, “One by one. If we can even just grab a handful of people… we can change their world! Heck, we could change the world!”
“Really?” I asked, finally finding my voice
“Yes!” he exclaimed, “But it won’t be easy. Not for a second.”
“How will get them here? I mean, back the streets before you found me, they looked…. like zombies.” I said, shivering at the very memory of the blank expressions and robot-walk.
“You can do it. There’s still somebody in there, you just got to get to them.”
I bit my lip thinking about this. It definitely wouldn’t be easy he was right about that. But thinking about these poor lost souls… I knew I had to do something.
“I’ll do it.” I say, sounding more confident then I felt.
“I knew you would.” He said, his face breaking out into a grin.
“I’ll be back soon, then.” I said, turning on my heel, heading back the way I came, my walk was quicker this time, more determined and confident.
“Hurry, the clocks ticking!” he called after me.

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