Dust Storm

Walking away it dawned on me. Didn’t he say they wouldn’t be able to see what’s here unless they could see on their own first? I turned back to ask him but he was already gone. For the walk out of the cave the light to the outside was hardly visible so I went on, dragging my finger tips along the sediment walls to guide me.

“Something isn’t adding up. He says they won’t be able to see it but he tells me to bring them here?”

“I know. But he did sound upset talking about the fate of those people.”

“Anyone can act.”

“But what if that’s what happened to him? You saw how the wind was carrying him away.”

“True. But if he knows what to do why would he contradict himself?”

“I don’t know. Either way something does need to be done.”

The walls were widening as I was approaching the mouth but I couldn’t see anything past there. A single shade of sand howling violently past the opening blocked my vision. I couldn’t possibly get home in that weather so I sat and watched and listened.

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