Creepy encounters

How long had it been? Minutes? Hours? I didn’t know as I sat there, watching the last of the wild sand die down.
Time was wasting and I had people to save! After what seemed like an eternity, I got up stretching out my kinks, I set out on my quest.
I exit the mouth of the cave, the bland sandy hues greeting me. Fantastic.
I trace my steps back to the creepy streets. As time had passed, the streets had emptied of the zombie people, leaving them to seem even more ghostly then before.
Just about to admit defeat, I catch sight of a group of people at the far end. I observed them doubtfully.
They were huddled in a tight circle, talking earnestly. They were in such deep intense conversation, they didn’t notice me walking briskly towards them.
They were talking as quiet as they were rapidly, hands flying, to emphasize their points.
“Hey!” I say when I get close enough
They stopped talking abruptly, turning to look at who had called out.
" You need to leave NOW!" A girl stepped forward, panic stricken.

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