Multiple Reservations

Tonight was turning out to be a really weird night. Where did that lady go? And who was she?

Jordan looked at the lighter she’d been given one more time before shoving it into the front pocket of her jeans.

She had a simple plan- go the party, grab some food and then go home but she felt uneasy. This wasn’t her scene.

The frat house dominated the hill. It was a monster, almost on par with the Overlook hotel. Parts of the house were dark presumably for dancing and the music was so loud it made her skin tingle. Strangely, no one was waiting outside to get in.

Jordan hopped up the front steps.

“You on the guest list?” A meat head sat next to the door holding a clipboard. In the dark. Alone.

She barely bit back a scream. “Uh-no, I don’t think so.”

“Let me check anyway. Name?”

Well it was worth a try.

“Jordan Luckless.”

“Yeah, right here.” He showed the list to her. “Get your hand stamped inside.”

How did her name get there?

Shaking her head, she opened the front door and stepped into crazytown.

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