Your Choice

Untie the knot of evil that’s
encircling your soul
You may not believe my words
but you will soon lose all control
In that instant where the evil
starts to tear yourself apart
looking back, you’ll find you’re wishing
that you’d take my words to heart

You still have time!
– But it is running out fast!
You make the call!
– Given too late it won’t last
You have to choose!
– You are what you choose to be!
What will you do?
– Why didn’t you listen to me?

Too late you tried to turn around
your life is bound in chains
I was there for you, but you never stayed
to listen when I explained
All those times that I had wanted to help
you never once seemed to care
and now that your life’s a living hell
I wonder what you’re thinking there

You’re time is gone!
– There was far less than it seemed!
You called too late!
– You know you won’t be redeemed!
You never chose!
– Your choice was left to decay!
What have you done?
– And now your life rots away!

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