Dinosaur Punching

Wallbreaker and Professor Fortune ran after the man on the dinosaur, following the holes in the concrete that were the creature’s footprints.

The man in the labcoat saw them and half-turned the dinosaur, sending a gout of flame their way. Professor Fortune made a warding sign with one hand. The flames rushed past them on either side but left them unharmed. Fortune waved his hands in the air and spoke a sibilant chant, and glowing blue chains appeared around the dinosaur’s mouth, holding it shut.

“Watch your suit,” grunted Wallbreaker as he lifted a car and hurled it at the dinosaur. The man in the labcoat pulled a raygun and disintegrated the car in a flash. Then he yelled something and the dinosaur spun, hitting a car with its tail and sending it flying toward the two men.

Fortune phased through it while Wallbreaker dove underneath. “You bastard!” shouted Wallbreaker, shaking a meaty fist.

“What?” asked Professor Fortune. “You threw a car at him. He returned the favor.”

“Yeah, but that was my car!”

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