Silent City

I wandered pointlessly through the empty streets, shocked by just how deathly quiet everything was. After The Plague had been released in the War, nearly everybody on the whole planet died. In fact I have yet to meet another survivor. The empty buildings moaned as the breeze picked up, blowing empty food wrappers and leaves across the streets.

Nature was rapidly reclaiming what once belonged to it. Trees and grass stretched across the road and plants sprouted out of the rusting skeletons of cars and trucks that littered the sides of the roads. The usual bustle that one would expect in a city was non-existent to the point that New York City seemed like a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere.

Everything was still intact, more or less. I could still see the Statue of Liberty standing proudly in the distance, but she seemed sad now that there was no-one left to adore her.

I fell to my knees sobbing quietly. I was all that was left. Everything I owned and everyone I knew was gone. Humanity was dead.

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