One Across and One Down

The inside was crowded, a sea of people that ebbed and flowed in chaotic whirls of color. The dancers were sexy. Girls dressed in fairy wings and highlighted with glitter, writhed to the deafening music. The guys, more undressed than dressed, with intricate tattoos swirling all over their bodies looked exotic and dangerous. Red light came up from the floor and tiny constellations sparkled along the walls and ceilings.

Jordan got her hand stamped by the twin of the guy that had let her in- same bleached hair, same creepy eyes. The stamp was of a laughing buddha, demonized by the crimson light.

“Where is the food?” she shouted.

“Downstairs.” he said pointing through the mass bodies to a banister on the far side of the room.

It would be. Jordan took a deep breath and crossed the room. Her backpack slammed into people and she kept apologizing until she realized that no one could hear her anyway. She left a trail of angry dancers but found herself at the top of the stairs.

Everything she wanted lay below.

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