That's College For Ya

“Collin Firth my ass!” Sam spoke, bringing the beer bottle to her awaiting lips. We had been sitting together for the past, nearly, eight hours watching different versions of Pride and Prejudice. Nearly eight hours of arguing.

“Sammie, Colin is totally better than any of the other wankers any day and you know it!” I argued. Looking over at her from my perch on the long couch. I adopted a British accent, my words only slightly slurred from the alcohol. I couldn’t believe she was even comparing Colin’s stunning performance to Matthew Macfadyen less than stellar portrayal of the famous Mr. Darcy.

“Boogger tis!” She began, stealing my British accent, the alcohol in her system making words barely recognizable. “I amcorret and youare mithaken.” She waved her arms around her drunkenly.

I watched as she took another huge swig of beer. Her eyelids fluttered as she set the bottle down on the glass coffee table. “No, you’re drunk.” I answered.

“Tats coyege for ya.” She sighed, falling into a drunken slumber.

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