A Loss of Vision

“You lost more than just your eye in the war, Captain.” The Ensign, already crossing the line into insubordination, charged forward. “You lost your vision.”

The Captain leaned back in her tall chair and turned it to face the vast blackness of space outside her window. The Ensign’s reflection could be seen against the glass, as if he was already a ghost haunting the ship’s corridors, mourning this mutiny.

“Fine.” The Captain told the Ghost Ensign. “You and the whole crew want to start this all over again? Take the ship. War spared my life and my eye. I pray that he is as merciful for you.”

Later, the Captain drifted, abandoned. With only an hour of oxygen left in her space suit, she looked to the unfathomable distance. She saw War born again in bursts of blinding light.

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