Re: Mc Mess

Yo, Yo, boys and girls
Mc Muffin’s goan’ give it a whirl.
I might be round and chewy,
but I ain’t no girl.
Mc Mess makes me wanna hurl.

Now, to be legit,
Mc Mess, just quit.
Your rhymes are stale,
and I’m tired of it.
You try to be clever,
but your just a twit.
So hand over the throne
on which you think you sit.

Way to drop the mic,
way to seem bad-ass,
But really, you just
look like a spaz.

You dropped the mic,
and left, hence:
No need for you
to have a defense.
And will I tear apart
your offense,
come back to the stage,
and gimme your two cents.

Your rhymes a obscene,
(A.K.A Not clean)
But me?
I’m hip-hops wet dream!

throws mic angrily at Mc Mess, who obviously is astonished and has nothign to say because Mc Muffin is AWESOME

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