We duel!

The two figures faced each other, gazing into each other’s eyes across the wartorn battlefield.

“Now! We fight! We duel to the death!”

“As you wish.” I whisper into the emptiness, my words somehow carrying.

“Choose your weapon!” With that, the shadows flocked to his hand, forming into a sword. “I choose the Blade of Aeons, Force of Darkness! Now, choose Elessar, Last of the free people of America!”

With a flourish, I drew a large polearm from behind my back, it’s blade carved with delicate runes. “It can’t be!” He exclaimed in shock.

“It is! I choose the Bill of Rights! One free American yet still draws breath, and as long as that remains, the Bill of Rights will appear in times of need!” A shield made of words, phasing in and out of existance appeared on my arm. “And where the Bill is concerned, you can bet the Declaration of Independence won’t be far behind!”

I charged my foe, and he responded in kind.

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