Hat Rule Number Two

As soon as I donned the brilliant green jewel, I realized that others might want it. I became jealous and quickly shuttered my windows, scowling at everyone walking by on the street who looked at MY precious hat.

When I safely closed my door behind me, I heard a voice that couldn’t be inside my apartment. It said, “You have been chosen for a great purpose.” Startled, I took off the hat.

Inside the pocket was the list of rules, maybe it said something about hearing voices. I smoothed it out. “Step 2: Introduce the hat to its new home.”

How do you introduce a hat? I shrugged and cleared my throat. “Hat, this your new home.” I held it out like I used to introduce a new doll to my other toys. Nothing.

I took it into my kitchen and laid it on the table while I made some dinner. I stared at the hat as I ate.

I took it to my work room where I liked to pretend I could sew and laid it there.

“Ahhh,” I heard a sigh.

I picked it up, placing it on my head. “Now this is more like it!”

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