Stone Door [Smartass Version]

The group stood before the intricately carved door that blocked the entrance to the caverns. From the back, the wizard read aloud the ancient text that was inscribed above the door. With a authoritative swagger, the wizard pushed through the adventurers and spoke words that had long been forgotten. The door didn’t move.

More words from ancient languages thunderously rolled off the wizards tongue, but nothing prevailed.

While minutes turned into hours and hours into days, the wizard tried every invocation and incantation in his arsenal. Minutes turned to hours, and hours turned into days. The mountains were too treacherous to pass over, and so they remained trapped at their base.

Soon, their rations grew thin, and one by one they all fell prey to the diseases of the swamp. When the forward party of ork warriors finally found the place, they fell easily.

Somewhere, a dark menace laughed quietly. It seemed appropriate that his greatest investment should be something as simple as a fake door.

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